April 14, 2017

WhatsApp Keylogger For iPhone

WhatsApp Keylogger for iPhones In the age of Social Media and Instant Messaging, there’s no doubt that a big percent of smartphone users have their iPhone’s on their hand or in their pockets. And like most people, many have their valid reasons on why they might need to spy or monitor on a certain device’s exchange of communication. Whether it may be for safety or security reasons, a Keylogger feature by Spyzie will surely help you with your worries.

How Does The Keylogger Feature Work?

The Keylogger feature can give you the convenience of monitoring any communication made through popular social network accounts such as the WhatsApp. This advanced feature by Spyzie will act as a digital surveillance tool for your iPhone. This Premium feature on the Spyzie will help you operate your daily tasks without having to worry about your family’s safety and your company’s productivity or security.

With Spyzie iPhone Keylogger You Will Be Allowed To Do The Following:

  • Track all texts by recording the keyboard strokes made by the monitored device.
  • Check the photos and videos being sent or received on the application.
  • View the Keylogger logs remotely from your Control Panel and simply turn it off/on when needed.
  • Collect search phrases, messages and other form of data.
  • Most importantly, it can also work for non-jailbroken iOS devices How will this feature be useful?

Since most users choose to go online and sometimes wish to communicate in groups, some people may opt for free apps such as the WhatsApp. This communication app does only offers text, but it can send images, audio, video and can have the option to share the user’s location.

Most importantly with its tracking technology, the keylogger feature can accomplish the following:

  • It can note the GPS location of the monitored device.
  • Track the contacts that are listed on the target device.
  • Collect search phrases, messages and other form of data being exchanged.
  • Can conveniently monitor your children’s activities online and can constantly check who they’re communicating to and know their location while doing so. By being able to track them, you can be worry free on your children’s welfare and can keep them away from any online predators.
  • Employers can increase the productivity of their employees by constantly monitoring their work and whether or not they’re doing any communication for non-work purposes.
  • You can check all the words being communicated in the WhatsApp and monitor any exchange that is ongoing in the targeted devices. As well as check the date and time that these messages are being sent and received.

Why Use The Keylogger By Spyzie?

The Spyzie is unlike any other keylogging apps as you won’t have to worry about any malware or viruses being downloaded as you install our monitoring product as we ensure to deliver a state-of-the-art software that will aid you and your needs for security. It is easy to install as it also comes with installation guide to help you set-up the product.

By purchasing the product, the Spyzie ensures to perform its specific task for you immediately and will start tracking your target monitored device and easily view and manage the information being tracked on your Control Panel anytime. Additionally, the company is also committed in giving you an on-demand customer support 24/7 to ensure that you’re satisfied with the product.

Aside from that, the Spyzie works for Android devices, iOS devices whether jailbroken/non-jailbroken.