April 14, 2017


mspWorried about where your child is at while you’re away? Is your kid going to places where you tell them to go? Is your employee really on his way to work today? Was your phone just recently stolen? Can you get alerts when monitoring their locations as well? Is there an app that can let you spy or monitor a specific devices location?

The anxiety to knowing the whereabouts of your kids can get tiring for parents. And as they get older, you’re bound to get more worried for their safety as they enjoy the freedom of going out the house. Same goes for your business owners who need to keep track of the location of their employees if you want to know whether they’re at work as you were told or if they’re not.

In this digital age, more than 1 billion are users of smartphones. And nowadays, people are bound to have a smartphone on them wherever they go. And this fact can give you a higher chance of monitoring them with the use of technology. So with the Geo-Fencing feature of Spyzie, you can track the location of your target device in just a press of a button, anytime and anywhere!

What Is Geo-Fencing?

Geo-Fencing is a cellphone tracking app that uses GPS to define the boundaries that you wish to define geographically. It also acts as a virtual barrier for the target devices that you wish to monitor. So by Geo-Fencing on Spyzie, you can locate the tracks and receive notifications on the monitored person’s whereabouts on the map.

What’s The Features Of Geo-Fencing On Spyzie?

By using the Geo-Fencing feature of Spyzie, you can set up a virtual barrier. So when a device enters a specific zone, you’ll receive a notification. And don’t worry about having to set it up, as Spyzie will give you instructions and a guide on how to use its features.

By Setting-up Geo-Fencing You Can:

  • Use GPS tracking by monitoring the target device’s current location.
  • Create safe zones by setting unlimited numbers of zones to be allowed or forbidden.
  • Receive alerts for any zone entrance and exit on locations.
  • View the history of the devices movements or routes.
  • Check the information directly from your Control Panel.

How Will I Benefit From Geo-Fencing By Spyzie?

Children Monitoring

By using the Geo-Fencing technology alarm, you can be worry free! If you’re a parent and you’re worried about your child’s safety, you can set-up a safe zone around your home and your child’s school so you can receive alerts in real time. Easing your worries in having your child kidnapped or be potentially harmed. Monitor

Your Business

Business owners can now track their employee’s location whenever you’re concerned if they’re working or if they’ve gone out. Prevent Phone Theft In the case that your device is lost or has been stolen, you can track the location of that device so you can retrieve it back and not lose any precious files and data stored in them.